Making a Systematic Weight Loss Journey

Are you suffering from obesity? Searching for a diet plan for weight loss? What are you thinking, is it a piece of cake? No, it is not. Really, it needs dedication and strong will power to follow some diet plan which helps you in losing fat from the body. So, lets discuss it step by step.


weight loss diet planBefore planning for weight loss, always set some realistic goal instead of  setting goals like shredding 20 pounds in 10 days or 15 days. Shredding a large number of pounds in short interval of time will definitely have side effects on your body system, it will weaken your body and you will suffer from the symptoms of fatigue, headache etc. So, always set a realistic goal for weight loss so that your health is not adversely affected and you stay healthy both physically and mentally.


Next thing is you must analyze whether you need some kind of assistance and support for weight loss? There must be no hurry in planning weight loss, you can get advice from some professional like dietician and ask them for planning a diet plan for you relevant to your age and gender. This will ensure that you are getting enough amount of calories and nutrients. In addition to asking your consultant for diet plan, one can also take assistance from the videos available on the internet. There are a number of good online videos which can ease your problem and assist you in completing the your weight loss goal.


Certain diet plans do not allow you to eat some kind of foods because they consider such foods as counter productive. However, you must ensure that you are not skipping some basic daily nutrients while doing so. For example, if you are following a diet plan with low protein intake and your daily activity level is little higher, then it will affect your performance in work as you will start felling tired due to improper intake of nutrients. Therefore, always made a flexible diet chart which can help you in taking all the important nutrients so that, you do not lose your strength.


During weight loss journey, some people might prefer to rely on supplements, liquids and tablets but all these are not good in long run for your health. For enjoying the benefits of healthy lifestyle, one should plan their diet chart along with exercises to shape up the body and shredding some pounds from the body simultaneously.

So, whenever you plan for weight loss, always consider your lifestyle first and then make the diet plan so that your lifestyle does not get affected drastically. Taking care of these things will help you in to lose weight in a systematic manner. Making routine changes in the diet plan will make it difficult for you to follow it and definitely after some time you will drop the diet plan. Therefore, in place of dropping the idea, plan the diet chart which suits your nutritional supplement and does not affect your health adversely.

You can also keep a diary in which you would record your daily diet activities. This would keep you motivated as well as help you in tracking any diversion from your plan. If due to any situation like party, wedding etc, you have to skip your diet plan then you can record this event in your diary and then adjust it on other days. This will ensure that you are always on the right track for your weight loss quest.

Keep in mind that there is no shortcut for achieving weight loss. Thus, plan the diet chart in a way which motivates you to follow it in easy manner.

How to Start Your Weight Loss Journey?

One common problem with some people who are on weight loss journey is related to “information overload”.  When you start surfing the net for weight loss tips, then you come across various websites and various methods which would look very promising to you for weight loss.  However, one thing you must remember is that you must select only a few methods and then stick to it rather than changing your methods every now and then if you want to witness any significant results. In this article, we will be presenting you some handpicked weight loss tips which will assist you in your weight loss journey.

Workouts combined with music

Though many people who want to lose weight start searching for comfortable methods first. It is also true that comfortable methods take a longer time to show results than the methods which involve physical work. When we talk about workouts, then it is not necessary that workouts must be necessarily tiring or unaffordable.

People can do simple workouts at home without having the need to go to a gym or to purchase any types of equipment. You can find many such simple workouts on YouTube and the best part is that if you do workouts while listening to your favourite music, then you will be unconsciously doing more workouts which will result in faster weight loss.

Stay away from sodas and cold drinks

Due to heavy marketing from soda and cold drink manufacturing companies, a significant population of people across the world have included such drinks in their daily life.  These drinks occasionally do more harm to your health than most of your daily diets. Now some researches have pointed out that even the diet sodas lead to weight gain because they contain chemicals which increase your sugar cravings. On the other hand, it has been found out that drinking plain water regularly throughout the day aids in weight loss as it cleanses out many toxins from your body and it also fights the negative effects of sodium/salt in your body.

Right and regular sleep

The study of sleep patterns on our health has revealed that people who either take an insufficient sleep or extra sleep face many health-related problems including weight gain. The normal level of sleep is estimated to be approximately 7 to 8 hours. Random sleep patterns affect your hormonal functional negatively which ultimately leads to weight gain. It has also been found out that people who try yoga have a better quality of sleep and it also helps to overcome many sleep-related disorders. So you can also try doing yoga if you are not able to take the right quality of sleep.

By following the steps above, you can lead to a healthy weight gain and can achieve your dream of finding the right shape for your body.

Understanding Weight Loss and Its Various Aspects

Weight loss is basically the reduction of fluid, lean mass or body fat. Weight loss can be intentional through dieting, exercising or unintentional due to mal-nourishment, stress or due to some disease. Sudden weight loss is a result of fewer calorie intake and more workout or something that is causing your calories to burn quickly. Metabolism also plays a major role in weight loss.

Some of the characteristics of weight loss are

1) Nutrition is important – Healthy eating is not an easy thing. One must always prevent from going to diet consultants who urge you to eat only one kind of food item. Some people believe that if they will only go with one type of food (for example: protein intake will be good) , then this is going to create trouble for them at a later stage in their life. A person must consider a well-balanced diet which consists of things from all the food groups and helps one to have a healthy weight loss. Food deprivation and starving may cause damage to one’s system and may force him or her to go with an unhealthy diet as the inner system will not be working properly.

2) Diet plan – People who are mindful of their eating habits are on the right path towards a good health. Diet plans that allow a person to track their calorie intake is a good habit as they make one aware about their intake and thereby regulating their body mechanism. Some may find it unexciting to count their calories. However a healthy diet plan must not be just dependent on calories, one must also ensure that all various kinds of proteins and minerals are consumed too . One can go with caloric food in his or her diet plan but simultaneously has to remain aware of the fact that all kinds of essential food nutrients are also taken. A diet plan always allows you to eat properly and in a reasonable amount to keep one in control and healthy at the same moment.

3) Water intake and weight loss –  Proper water should be taken because proper hydration is necessary in order to prevent dehydration and a person should drink 8 or more glasses in a day to clean all the toxins from the body. This will ensure that your body is light, healthy and active.

4) Exercising routine – Weight loss plan should always have an exercise routine because it helps a person to sweat and thereby making the body burn some calories. The workout shouldn’t be so intense in the beginning; a person can start with light exercises and then gradually increase the intensity. A person should exercise for at least an hour a day to keep the body and the mind fit. Working out not only makes you burn your calories but also improves your digestive and circulatory system.

5) Plan according to the person – Weight loss plan should be made according to each individual’s requirement and it should match their lifestyle and schedule so as to make it easier for them to follow the plan and get the results. Eating and living healthy seems to be a big task but if you pay a little attention to your habits,  it becomes easier to follow it and to achieve the results. One only needs to manage the time well and keep himself committed to healthy living.

If you keep these little things in mind, weight loss becomes an easy task, but if you expect overnight results, then you may unknowingly get trapped in such routines and habits which may become problematic for your health in the long run.

How to Start Losing Weight Effectively?

Do you get fascinated by seeing the weight loss results which some people achieve within a few weeks? With self-motivation and a clear focus, it is possible for everyone to lose weight.  However, the problem with many people (seeking weight loss) nowadays is that they easily get distracted every now and then because they get attracted to a new set of weight loss tips and abandon the previous methods. The methods given here in this article can prove beneficial to you if you follow them undisrupted for a few weeks. So let us now see the methods/tips:

1. Join a weight loss forum

To remain motivated and focused, it is essential to be in touch with like-minded people who have similar goals. When you join a weight loss forum, you will find plenty of people who are on their weight loss journey.  Further, you will also find case studies of people who have successfully lost their weight and the methods which they have adopted. Once you join any such forums, then you can interact with the members in that forums and can ask questions to them and clear any kind of doubts which you face during your weight loss journey. However, make sure that you do not get involved too much in conversations alone. You will be able to find out various dimensions of ideas pertaining to weight loss in a weight loss forum.

2. Try meditation

Even though many people know that the kind of food and lifestyle habits they have is contrary to a healthy living, but they do not have the willpower to control such behaviour. Meditation gives you a control over your senses and your body which not only helps you in weight loss, but it also helps in various dimensions of your life including your career and relationships. There are many online tutorials and videos which can guide you in practising meditation.

3. Be more active in your life

The reason for weight gain in many people is due to lack of physical work.  For such people, it is essential that they become more active in life which can not only help in weight loss but can also bring a new sense of rejuvenation in many areas of their life. You can make minimal adjustments for increasing physical work like playing with children, having a little walk early in the morning, dancing out to your favourite music, cleaning your house, car or garden etc.

The above-mentioned steps are some of the few pointers to get started for your weight loss goals. If you find it useful or would like to add some feedback, then feel free to leave your comments below.