How to Start Losing Weight Effectively?

Do you get fascinated by seeing the weight loss results which some people achieve within a few weeks? With self-motivation and a clear focus, it is possible for everyone to lose weight.  However, the problem with many people (seeking weight loss) nowadays is that they easily get distracted every now and then because they get attracted to a new set of weight loss tips and abandon the previous methods. The methods given here in this article can prove beneficial to you if you follow them undisrupted for a few weeks. So let us now see the methods/tips:

1. Join a weight loss forum

To remain motivated and focused, it is essential to be in touch with like-minded people who have similar goals. When you join a weight loss forum, you will find plenty of people who are on their weight loss journey.  Further, you will also find case studies of people who have successfully lost their weight and the methods which they have adopted. Once you join any such forums, then you can interact with the members in that forums and can ask questions to them and clear any kind of doubts which you face during your weight loss journey. However, make sure that you do not get involved too much in conversations alone. You will be able to find out various dimensions of ideas pertaining to weight loss in a weight loss forum.

2. Try meditation

Even though many people know that the kind of food and lifestyle habits they have is contrary to a healthy living, but they do not have the willpower to control such behaviour. Meditation gives you a control over your senses and your body which not only helps you in weight loss, but it also helps in various dimensions of your life including your career and relationships. There are many online tutorials and videos which can guide you in practising meditation.

3. Be more active in your life

The reason for weight gain in many people is due to lack of physical work.  For such people, it is essential that they become more active in life which can not only help in weight loss but can also bring a new sense of rejuvenation in many areas of their life. You can make minimal adjustments for increasing physical work like playing with children, having a little walk early in the morning, dancing out to your favourite music, cleaning your house, car or garden etc.

The above-mentioned steps are some of the few pointers to get started for your weight loss goals. If you find it useful or would like to add some feedback, then feel free to leave your comments below.

Does Lemon Water Work for Weight Loss?

Does a glass of water with lemon juice in it actually possess the power of weight loss? Yes, it is true and you will be surprised to know that many celebrities, health consultants uses lemon water for weight loss. You will find this concept quite popular online where lemon water is very common for detox. Lemon water offers many health related benefits.

Taking lemon water will surely help you in shredding some extra pounds from your body. Take lemon water every morning (preferably empty stomach) and notice the change of being different. Drinking
lemon water will help you in boosting the metabolism of the body which ultimately cleanses the toxins from your body system. Lemon water is not a magic pill for weight loss, it just activates some enzymes which helps in reducing weight. Lemon Juice in water makes it more palatable and drinking it before meal helps in weight loss.

Lemon water keeps you hydrated

lemon water weight lossDehydration can have severe effects on the body which affects your ability to focus as well as your fitness. Keeping the body hydrated is important for smooth functioning of all the systems of your body. As lemon water aids in keeping the body hydrated, therefore, it helps in proper functioning of joints, temperature regulation and constipation relief. So drinking lemon water must be an important routine for anyone who is serious about his weight loss. Go ahead and start your day with Lemon water and let your body enjoy small doses of some Vitamin C in the early morning.

Best Time for drinking Lemon Water

Drinking a glass of lemon water in early morning is the best habit you can have not only for weight loss but for plenty of other benefits. It will help you in flushing out toxins from your body. Proper hydration is very important for digestion system as well.

Don’t take tension for enamel part of your teeth as many think that lemon juice is acidic and might
harm enamel of the teeth. But, while drinking lemon juice in the morning, you are mixing it with 1 plain glass of water which reduces its acidic effect. If you still fear of direct contact of lemon juice with your teeth, simply have your drink via straw only. Keep in mind, never brush your teeth right after taking lemon water.

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water for weight loss include:

1) Boosting of immune system
2) Helps in detoxifying the body
3) Reducing the hunger cravings
4) Improved digestive system
5) Glowing of skin

Replacing carbonated sugar drinks with lemon water

Get rid of carbonated drinks and sodas which constantly add calories in your body apart from adding toxins. Switch it with lemon water which has endless benefits especially in weight loss. As it reduces
the hunger cravings, it will stop you from eating junk food every time.

Besides the health issues, you can take it as regular drink as it is good in taste. Adding honey in
lemon juice is delicious. Once you will try it, your taste buds will never ever forget its yummy taste.
You all know that the flavonoids in lemon have strong properties of antioxidants as well as it is rich
in Potassium and Vitamin C which are important for health. So, take lemon water in your diet and
see the changes in your weight and let it become a part of your healthy life.

How to Lose Belly fat?

Belly fat is a nuisance which makes your beautiful outfits to tighten up. It also risks your life to some chronic diseases. So losing belly fat is very essential as belly fat is an invitation to diabetes, blood pressure along with heart blockage. Some body fats are visible, however fats around the vital organs like liver, lungs and heart are not visible and are popularly called as Visceral Fat. They are really threat to heart complications and Type 2 Diabetes. Losing belly fat requires dedication and lot of efforts.

Here are some tips on how to lose belly fat?

1. Reduce carb intake in your diet

Cutting carb from your daily meal will let you achieve the aim of losing belly fat but you don’t have to make them completely absent from your diet chart. The only difference is that you can ban the use of refined carbs in food but in their place, you can have unprocessed starchy carb. It is a good trick for losing belly fat.

2. Include Fatty Fish in meal

Obviously, it is a known fact that fatty fish is a rich source of omega 3 fats and proteins which are
very essential for one’s health. Most importantly, they help in reducing the level of visceral fat. So, it
is an intelligent move to include mackerel, sardines and salmon in your diet for getting enough
omega 3 fats in the body.

3. Walking

Walking for at least 30 minutes everyday will keep your belly fat in control. Brisk walking is the most
common method adopted by people for reducing belly fat and getting slim figure. The process of
walking will increase your heart beats which will result in sweating. This process of sweating helps in reducing the fat. Along with walking, dance and cardio also reduces belly fat.

4. Including fiber in daily diet

Fiber in your diet helps in getting systematic bowel movements. Including fiber will help you in
cleansing the body system which aids in cutting visceral fat. You must start eating salad, beetroots,
carrots, peas, cabbage for your fiber needs. Along with reducing the fat, these foods also have a good effect on mood of an individual.

5. Getting sufficient sleep

Some people may not believe this fact that getting enough sleep will help you in cutting the visceral fat. But the truth is that right amount of sleep is essential for getting away unwanted visceral fat. It is
scientifically proven that people who get approximately 6 hours sleep in a day accumulate less fat
than those people who sleep around 5 hours in a day or more than 8-9 hours in a day. If you want to get rid of visceral fat, have a relaxed sleep time of at 6-7 hours.

6. Bingo for berries

Do you have carvings for sweets? In place of sugar food products, you can switch to berries. They will satisfy your feeling of sweet tooth. Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries are great sources for offering antioxidants which will cut down your belly fat.

7. Reduce Artificial Sweeteners

Never believe any food products which claim that artificial sweeteners can be used in place of sugar.
In the long run, they will only help you in accumulating abdominal fat. It is better to reduce all kinds of sugar intake if you are serious about losing belly fat.