Most Effective Exercises for Fat Burning and Weight Loss

Are you working out on your stomach in order to look perfectly fit in your dress? Desperately wish to get your shape back? Thinking of trying swimsuit this summer? There are many people who struggle with their excess weight and think of losing extra fat cells out of their body.

The only solution to complete all your wishes is to start exercising. Most people do know that devoting a little time to exercise routinely can solve their problem but they want some magic pill for weight loss. But in order to see results, you have to come out from your fantasy world. It’s not too late to start exercises. To build your muscles and burn some fat from the body, doing exercise is the best way.

Exercising improves your blood circulation and hence it can be beneficial for acne treatment, cholesterol level control, heart problems, obesity etc.

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weight loss exercisesIt is a more of a mental challenge to lose weight (rather than a physical one) because every morning you have to mentally prepare to leave your bed early and stick to your exercising routine. Here we present some of the exercises for weight loss.


It means High Intensity Interval Training which is the best for making maximum benefits of workout. It involves exercises of short interval which is followed by periods of longer recovery. These kind of exercises boost the release of hormones which acts as a fuel in burning the fat cells. It is one of the smart strategies to help you in weight loss.

2. Strength Training

It is a myth that these exercises will make you bulky but actually they help you in slimming and in boosting your metabolism. So what are you waiting for? So prepare yourself mentally for weight loss and whenever you get the feeling of quitting, then simply ask a question to yourself – why have you started all this? Along with strength training, circuit training will help you in burning more than 30% calories than the usual exercise. Within a minute, it will burn approximately 10 calories.

3. Surya Namaskar

This asan is most common yoga and focuses on different parts of your body for weight loss. It includes 12 poses which includes sub-poses like bhujangasana etc. Strengthening the nervous and skeletal system is the best benefit of Surya Namaskar. It is a great way to reduce the level of anxiety and stress and keep the body tension free and active. During this asan, almost all parts of your body get stretched and hence it benefits entire body.

4. Walking

Have you ever given a thought to walking for reducing weight? If not, then try brisk walking at least for 30 minutes every day. It will help you in burning at least 150 calories in a day. Whenever we start doing exercises for weight loss, we never take walking as option seriously. However, in beginning you can start 20 minutes walk only but later on gradually increase the duration of walking. Now, get your feet in your shoes and start walking.

5. Zumba

Not interested in going to gym, then just start dancing. Zumba is a great way for fitness and burning your body calories. Doing Zumba will also help you in improvement of strength and reliving stress.

6. Swimming

Swimming is another good way to burn the fat cells of the body. It generally accounts for burning
500-700 calories within an hour. So don’t just wait, go and make splash and start your weight loss journey.

It may also happen to many people that you will feel pain in your muscles when you start doing exercises, however this pain will fade away with time as you get more adept to such exercises.

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